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Try this next time you feel really unmotivated…

To skip straight to the steps go to 4.48 minutes in on the video and 5.19 minutes on the podcast.

Have you ever gone through phases where you feel really unmotivated and can’t be bothered to do anything? I have (more than once!) and it can be really frustrating. The other week I was feeling like this and when it got to the evening I felt really guilty and beat myself up about the fact that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, because I had absolutely no motivation to do the things I needed to do!

So, to help pull myself out of my unmotivated haze I followed some steps that I devised awhile ago, after I went through a period of feeling really unmotivated for longer than I want to admit!

I hope these steps help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Here are the links to download the meditations and audio programmes I was talking about in step 3:

Manifesting with the angels, by Doreen Virtue

Chakra Clearing: a morning and evening meditation to awaken your spiritual power, by Doreen Virtue

Ask and it is given, Esther & Jerry Hicks

The power to shape your destiny, Tony Robbins

Please leave a comment below and share your advice for getting motivated!

Carrie x

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