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Are you making excuses? If so, try this…

Skip to 3.37 minutes on the podcast to listen to how to create a success strategy and 3.27 on the video.

Have you ever experienced ‘But Syndrome’? …

It’s when you really want to achieve something, but…

  • You’ve got too much on this week.
  • It’s your birthday next week, so you’ll wait until after that.
  • You’ve got a meeting coming up which might change things, so maybe it’s best to wait.
  •  It’s the summer, so you’ll get started in September…

 You get what I mean.

The longer you keep making excuses and putting things off, the harder it becomes to get the ball rolling and the more detached you become from actually reaching your goal.  I don’t know about you, but this has definitely happened to me!

I find that whenever I set myself a goal a but ALWAYS pops up. There are always a million excuses for why I should wait, why I need to put it off for a little bit longer, why now is not the best time. However, those ‘buts’ come at a high price – when you choose to go with the ‘but’ you’re kind of sacrificing your dream.

The obvious solution to this is to realise why you have ‘But Syndrome’ and snap yourself out of it, tell yourself that your dreams are more important than any excuse and get on with it – this is something I make myself do. However, there is something else that I think can be a really powerful way of overcoming this problem and that is by creating your success strategy and then once you’ve created your success strategy there is an exercise you can do, which will kick the Law of Attraction into action, so you can start seeing results!

I hope these steps help you as much as they help me! Please leave a comment and share your advice and tips!

Carrie x

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