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Feeling stuck IN your business? Try these 3 things…

Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed because you spend so much time working IN your business, doing day to day tasks and trying to do everything yourself? It can be a frustrating place to be, because you end up not making the progress you want to make, because you’ve not got enough time to work ON your business.

This happened to me when I was building my first business. I had no budget when I got started, so I did everything myself, and then as the business grew I continued to do everything myself and then I ended up in a jungle where I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! And then I read something that changed everything… The E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber! 

Michael Gerber said that a lot of business owners are just “doing it, doing it, doing it” – stuck working IN their business. When I read it, I realised that that was me. I was just doing it, doing it, doing it… mainly doing customer support. I was most definitely spending the majority of my time working IN the business, so much so that I forgot to work ON the business, on where it was all going, on the business development and so I ended up feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

So after reading the E-myth I decided to make some changes – changes which completely transformed my business and helped me to not only feel less overwhelmed and stuck, but helped me to actually grow the business much faster.

There are 3 main things I did which really helped me:

  1. I drew out a map of the business so I could see exactly how my business was operating.
  2. I then created systems and processes for practically everything… marketing, sales, customer support etc – once I’d created the systems it was much easier to scale the business and to manage it all. I was able to start outsourcing roles too.
  3. I set really clear intentions.

I explain all about these things in my latest video, which is above.

If you ever feel stuck and overwhelmed the best thing you can do is take a step back and look at the bigger picture – it’s easy to get stuck in the detail and make everything more complicated than it really is!

I hope this helps you – it really helped me.

Leave a comment and let everyone know what helps you when you feel stuck in your business!

Carrie x

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