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The Difference Between Succeeding and Failing Is…

I believe that it’s not how good your ideas are that will make you successful, it’s how determined you are to fight to make them a reality. Because if you want to be successful you have to FIGHT for it.

Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller coaster ride in the dark! There are ups and downs, it’s exhilarating, but at the same time petrifying! And you can never really be 100% sure what’s coming next. So, in order to make progress towards your goals you have to be prepared to hang in there and fight for your dreams. It’s not a physical fight, it’s a mental one – it’s an attitude that says, “I can do this, I will do this!”

But, when things ars tough and you’re feeling hopeless how can you ignite that fighting spirit? Sometimes, even though you want to fight and even though you want to succeed, it can be hard to go from feeling doubtful and down in the dumps to feeling like you can fight back. I’ve been there, I know – there have been times in the past when I was so desperate to pull myself out of the hole I fell down, but struggled to figure out how to do it!

But there is an unbelievably simple and effective way you can pull yourself out within seconds! Whenever I’m down that hole I use this strategy to get out.

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully next time an obstacle is thrown your way I hope this helps you to fight back fast.

Carrie x

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