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3 Tips to Build Your Business Through Facebook

In 2011 I set myself the goal of getting 25,000 fans on Facebook. There was one massive problem; I had no idea how to do it!

I would go on Facebook and look at other fan pages that had a huge following and loads of engagement with their fans and think, “how did you do that?”

I was determined to figure it out. I’m pleased to say I did! When I reached 25,000 I was so happy – not only did I have fans, I was building relationships with people, driving traffic to my site, increasing my email list and getting customers. I now have over 32,000 fans and a weekly reach of over 200,000 people – Facebook has been such an important part of growing my business.

So, I wanted to share 3 tips to help you to build your business through Facebook:

Tip 1: Set yourself a target.

Get clear, be specific – know how many fans you want and when you want them by. This will focus your mind and give you something to work towards. I took a screenshot of my fan page and then used Photoshop to change the number of fans it said I had from about 25 to 25,000. I then put this in my goal box and looked at it all the time. I would spend time visualising how I would feel when I saw: 25,000 fans on my page. The first step to manifesting what you want is by being able to see it in your minds eye, feel what it will feel like, believe that it will happen.

Tip 2: Know what the aim of your page is

Who is your ideal fan? What are their interests? What do they do for a living? Do you want men and women to be fans? What age is your ideal fan? Are they adventurous people? What do they like?

Once you have established who your ideal fan is, you need to think about what would compel them to become a fan of your page – why would they want to be a fan? Think about what you could do that they would love. Think about what your mission is. My mission is to inspire female entrepreneurs and give them a boost – so I started to create images of inspirational quotes to post out. My fans love this, because they resonate with the messages and feel inspired by them and so they interact with the post by liking it or sharing it and then the post spreads around Facebook and more people find out about my page. When they visit my page they clearly see what the page is all about and so the people who relate to it (mainly female entrepreneurs looking for inspiration) like my page.

Have a look at your banner, your ‘about’ text, the posts you’re sending out and your tabs: what message are you sending out? Is it compelling? Is it clear? Is it adding value?

Tip 3: Be consistent

You’ve got to be consistent – it took me a year to get 30,000+ fans, it didn’t just happen over night. Even if no one is responding to your posts at the beginning, don’t give up! Keep going. If you stop posting out for a month, you fans will forget about you.  Like with anything, you have to keep doing it in order to build momentum. I remember times when I really felt like, “what’s the point?” I had hardly any fans, hardly any engagement when I posted things out and at times I felt like it was hopeless. But I kept going. I perceived. I learnt as much as I possible could, I watched what other successful fan pages were doing, I tried new things and slowly but surely things started progressing.

If I can figure out Facebook then anyone can!

Someone who I learnt a lot of amazing strategies from is Amy Porterfield – she’s a genius when it comes for Facebook! Today and tomorrow (6th & 7th February) I’m hosting a live webinar with Amy, where she’s going to be sharing her strategies.

It’s free, but places are limited. If you want to join us, register here:

I’m so honoured to be hosting this webinar with Amy, she’s worked with incredible people like Anthony Robbins! I can’t wait for it and I hope you can join us!

Carrie x

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