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Motivation Monday: The Power of our Beliefs

I LOVE the story I’m sharing with you this week for Motivation Monday! I heard this story for the first time last year and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It just goes to show how powerful our beliefs are. When we have complete conviction that we can do it, we will do it, but when we doubt ourselves we hold ourselves back.

So have a think about what you really want to achieve this year and then ask yourself, “do I believe 100% that I can make this happen?” Do you? If you don’t, why don’t you? What’s stopping you from believing with absolutely conviction that you can make it happen?

Henry Ford was right when he said:

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you are usually right.”

So if you don’t believe you can you need to start changing your beliefs. You can start to do that by changing your thoughts; by changing the story you keep telling yourself.

Carrie x

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