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Motivation Monday: The Key to Success


In this video Jim Rohn shares something powerful that his mentor once told him,

“It’s not what happens that determines the major part of your future. The key is what you do about it.”

Stop for a minute and think about how you’ve been responding to situations lately – if something goes wrong in your business or if someone tells you that they don’t like your idea, how do you respond? Do you let it stop you, let it throw you off track? Or do you choose to respond with courage and confidence, because you know that somehow you’ll find a way to make everything happen?

Those two responses lead to two very different outcomes. Which response will you choose?

I love that we have the power to decide how we respond to the situations we’re faced with – we need to make sure we use our power well, so that our future will be all that we want it to be.

Carrie x

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