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Interview With Lara Morgan: 7 Strategies for Selling


Lara Morgan is the founder of Company Shortcuts. She started her first business, Pacific Direct, when she was 23, 17 years later she sold her majority share for £20 million. In her words she said, “I ended up in the UK in 1991, in the middle of our last major recession needing a job and there were none. That’s when I began Pacific Direct, aged 23 with a deep cluelessness… no plan, no idea, no vision.”

When she said those words, something inside me felt relieved –  I thought to myself, “ah, so you don’t have to have all the answers, or know exactly where you’re going or have a fancy business plan to get started in business and to build an incredibly successful business.”

What you have to do, however, is get some of the basics right… ask for help, don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face, establish that you can sell your product or service to others. Lara said,

“Of the 9 hours that you could be selling to customers every day, how many of those hours are you reaching your customers and selling them your product?”

Selling is something that Lara has definitely mastered and in this interview she shares some of her selling secrets with us! You can also check out her 7 part selling series in This Girl Means Business magazine. Part one is here.

I love Lara’s story, because it just goes to show that you don’t have to start off knowing everything, being the expert, having it all figured out – you just need to get started (and sell).

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