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6 Powerful Questions to Help You Achieve Your Goals

How many times have you set yourself goals and then not reached them? This used to happen to me quite a lot, in fact I ended up avoiding setting goals for myself for a while because I’d started to believe there was no point in setting goals if I wasn’t going to reach them!

But I realised that setting goals was crucial to my success – I think we can move in a general direction without goals, but if we want to achieve something specific then we need to have them – we need complete clarity. So, I dug deep and asked myself 6 questions that helped me to see where my strengths and weakness lay when it came to setting goals.

These 6 questions enabled me to uncover:

  1. What was stopping me from achieving my goals.
  2. What was helping me to achieve them – I discovered my winning formula for succeeding.
In the video above I share these 6 questions that you can ask yourself to uncover these things. Once you know what’s stopping you, you can do something about it to change and once you know what your formula for successfully reaching your goals is then you can start to achieve amazing things.
Get a blank piece of paper and a pen and get ready to answer these questions.
Once you’ve done this exercise you need to create your game plan for 2013! You can read my 8 step strategy for creating an amazing game plan in the latest issue of This Girl Means Business magazine here.
Carrie x

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