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4 Steps to Programming Your Mind for Success

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I recently came across this question: “What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? If you were absolutely guaranteed success in any one goal, small or large, short term or long term, what would it be?”

Imagine if we lived life believing that we couldn’t fail – how much more would we achieve? I feel like the biggest battles we face in life are with ourselves. We get in our own way of achieving what we really want to achieve.

If you look back of 2012 and think about the things you wanted to achieve, but didn’t and then ask yourself, “why didn’t I achieve my goal?” what would your answer be? I know that if I’m being brutally honest my answer is “me”. I didn’t achieve some of the things I wanted to achieve because I held myself back – especially in the first few months of 2012.

Then I started programming myself more for success and things started to change. I started to break through the self-imposed barriers and go for it!

I want to share with you the steps I take all the time to keep myself programmed for success. There are 4 main steps I take that help me to maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

Discover the 4 steps on the video above.

Staying programmed for success is so crucial to how far you will get this year. When I look back at the times when I was unhappy, lost, unfulfilled, procrastinating, feeling totally crappy and hopeless – those were the times when I had programmed myself for failure – the negative thoughts I was thinking and the beliefs that I was holding became my reality.

But we get to choose our thoughts and our beliefs, so I changed mine and by doing so, changed my reality and since then I have achieved so much… all it takes I a few simple disciples.

I hope you achieve everything you want this year!

Carrie x

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