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3 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Jay Abraham is a marketing genius. I love his strategies and I’ve applied them to my businesses and they’ve always had a profound effect. So, I want to share with you some of the strategies that I think are the best.

Led Your Potential Customers & Your Current Customers

People are begging to be led – they want to know more about your product or service, so you have to make sure you’re telling them and making it easy for them to buy from you. You need to make sure you’re educating your customers and potential customers about the services you offer.For example, when I ran a telecoms company people will general come to buy a business number. When I first started the company I was letting people buy the number, but I wasn’t telling them what other services we offered that could really benefit them. I was missing out massively. So, look at your business and see if you’re missing an opportunity to tell people about what other products or services you could offer them that would really benefit them.

Tell people what specific action they need to take. 

This is so important and most people fail to do this. It might be obvious to you what people need to do, but I bet it’s not obvious to a lot of people! I often go on websites that are so confusing and I just don’t know how to buy from them! So I leave the site. Have a look at your marketing material and website – are you making it obvious? Are you telling people what specifically they need to do in order to obtain your product or service?

Offer bonuses

By offering bonuses you can significantly increase your sales proposition.

Is there something extra you could offer your potential clients that would increase the value of the sale? Think of what else might help your client that you could offer them when they buy your product or service.

For example, if your clients are business owners, what might help them? Or what might they need? Make sure your bonus product offers real value. It could be a downloadable guide or a video series with tips in or an email series or a physical product that you could mail out.

Have a think about what you could do to add more value to your customers.

These 3 steps can dramatically increase your revenue, so give them a try.

To find out more about Jay Abraham, visit his site

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