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Issue 6

This Girl Means Business: Issue 6

Read the full issue here or go to specific articles below.

Issue 6 is packed full of content to inspire and empower you to turn your ideas into a reality, build a successful business and achieve amazing things in your life.

Here’s what’s in this issue…

  • Interview with Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards. She remortgaged her house to put on the first award show! Find out how she did it here.
  • How To Listen To Your Intuition: have you ever made a decision to do something even though you had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right? Learn how to avoid doing that in the future. Jolene Setterfield shares with us how you can tune into your intuition. Read here.
  • How She Did It: Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael came up with the idea to start their own jewellery company while travelling around the world! When they got back home they got stuck into making it happen and now their jewellery is worn by royalty and is stocked in some of the most prestigious stores. Find out how they did it here.
  • Advice From Female Entrepreneurs: 4 women share their advice on being an entrepreneur. Have a read here.
  • The 7 Steps of Selling: Lara Morgan started her first company at the age of 23 – 17 years later she sold her majority share for £20 million! She’s going to be sharing her 7 step selling strategy with us over the next few issues. In this issue we kick off with what you need to understand before you start to sell! Have a read here.
  • Dos & Don’ts of Starting a Business: here are some essential things to make sure you do when you start a business. Have a read here.
  • Style & Accessories: check out the clothes and accessories we love this month!
  • What We’re Reading: Here are 2 books to check out this month to help you to grow your business. Read here.
  • The First Step To Creating Abundance: This is such an important step on your journey to living an abundant life. Find out what it is here.
  • How To Leverage The Power of LinkedIn: In this article Sarah Hughes shares her powerful strategy for getting more business, more leads and more sales from using LinkedIn. Have a read here.
  • Avoid Burnout: Celine Wilde shares 5 ways to fit in some downtime to make sure you don’t burnout! As entrepreneurs we would probably work every single hour of the day if we could! Sometimes our drive for achieving our goals can lead us to burnout, which isn’t what we want! Check out Celine’s 5 tips here.
  • Winter Cabbage Wrap: Polly Noble shares her delicious, but healthy winter recipe with us. Have a read here.
  • Top 10 Tips: here are 10 things to remember on your journey to achieving amazing things. Check them out here.

We hope you enjoy this issue! We’ll be back next month with tools, tips and tricks to make sure you have the best 2013 possible!

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