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A Powerful Idea To Transform Your Life

Some pretty crazy things have been happening to me lately. Actually they’ve been happening for a while – odd coincidences, which I’m not convinced are actually coincidences anymore. People just appear in my life at the exact moment I need them. For example, I wanted to interview Michelle Mone for the magazine and I had no idea how I was going to get in touch with her. Then someone invited me to an event where Michelle Mone was speaking and I got to meet her and ask if I could interview her. When I wanted to interview Michael Gerber I decided to go and have a look on his Facebook fanpage – he’d just uploaded a picture quote. The weird thing was that it was a picture quote I had made for the Female Entrepreneur Association, so I commented saying that I was glad he liked my quote and could I interview him. He said yes.

The list of weird things goes on and on and it’s related to all kinds of things. It got me thinking – why are these strange coincidences happening? Are they really coincidences or is there something to it?

I think there’s something to it and I think it happens to everyone when we do one very simple thing…


I think that when we commit to an idea, commit to doing something and we put our heart and soul into it strange things happen. Before I committed to the Female Entrepreneur Association there were about a million ideas I kept dipping in and out of and nothing was happening! It was so frustrating because I felt like I was going round in circles – I felt exhausted with trying to juggle so many ideas and not getting anywhere with them. Then one day I decided that I was going to commit myself to the Female Entrepreneur Association and commit to making it work. After I made that decision, everything changed. People came into my life to help me at exactly the right time and opportunities cropped up – it was weird. It still happens now.

I think when you commit yourself, when you believe 100% in it and when you put all your focus and energy into that one thing, strange things will start to happen.

So, ask yourself are you truly committed to what you’re trying to achieve right now? If not, make the decision and put your heart and soul into it.

Carrie xx

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