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Programme Your Mind For Success ~ Powerful Hypnosis


This is a very powerful hypnosis CD for programming your mind for success. This 20 minute programme takes you into a deep, relaxed state and then provides suggestions for becoming more successful and allows you to really visualise feeling and being more successful.

It has been created especially for the Female Entrepreneur Association by Jason Jackman.

{Jason Jackman}

Jason is a Transformational Mentor & Master Trainer of Hypnosis.

He has helped lots of people to turn their lives around, by using techniques to discover the source of the problem and remove blocks.

He is also one of my mentors and someone who has helped me enormously. Jason first created this hypnosis for me back in April 2012 and since then I have listened to it every single day! I love it so much that I asked if I could share it with the Female Entrepreneur Association network.

{The reasons why I love this hypnosis}

  • It’s really relaxing – and before I had this to listen to I wasn’t fitting in any time during the day to relax.
  • I feel amazing after I’ve listened to it.
  • I love the fact that I get to visualise being and feeling more successful – before I started listening to this I would be so busy every day I would forget to make time to visualise making my goals happen and becoming more successful. Now, whenever I have something big coming up, like a speech, I use this hypnosis to vividly imagine it going really well. It works wonders!
  • It’s only 20 minutes, so it’s easy to fit into the day.
  • I can’t guarantee this will happen for everyone, but when I started listening to this hypnosis every day weird, amazing, strange things started to happen – amazing opportunities cropped up and really good things started to happen. 

I could go on and on about why I love this programme, but I don’t want to bore you. The fact is, I love it, I listen to it every day and I think you’re probably going to love it too.


To download this programme and start programming your mind for success, simply click on the ‘buy now’ button below.

I hope you enjoy it and I wish you all the success in the world.

To purchase this programme click the button below:

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Whilst we absolutely love this hypnosis and use it ourselves, we can’t guarantee any results from the use of this audio program.

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