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How To Stay on Track

Have you ever gone so off track that you wonder how on earth you managed to get there, because it was never what you intended at all? A few years ago I went off track spectacularly! I started my first business when I was 20, it was mobile phone unlocking – my aim was to build a really successful business and I did. It was really profitable, it ran like clockwork – I had built lots of amazing systems, outsourced a lot of work, utilized lots of marketing strategies – I had referrals, affiliates, resellers, I used social media, pay per click, SEO and had corporate clients as well as one off customers online.

I had built a successful business, but I was so unhappy. I had gone so far off track and felt unfulfilled, lost, miserable and in despair. Yes, I had built a successful business, but I had completely forgotten to take into account what my dream in life was – what my primary aim was. Yes, I set myself a goal to be successful (isn’t that everyone’s goal?!) but unlocking mobile phones was not my dream in life.

It took me over a year to realise that I had gone off track because I’d forgotten to follow my ‘why’.

Now I am really clear on what my why is – what I want to achieve in life, what kind of person I want to be, what kind of life I want to live. I know I want to inspire people, I know I want to make a difference to people – so every decision I now make, with regards to my business, has to pass my ‘why’ test, “if I make this decision, will it align with my why?” if it does then chances are that I’ll do it, if it doesn’t align, I won’t do it.

I think all too often we forget what our why is or forget to follow it and end up making decisions that lead us off track. I was actually speaking to a lady the other day who has just decided to give up her business because she said she built a business she never intended to build – she forgot her ‘why’ along the way and then made decisions based on how to make more money, and those money-making decisions were not in alignment with why she started the business in the first place.

So, make sure you get clear on what your ‘why’ is and then remember to follow it, because it will keep you on the right path.

A question to ask yourself:

Here’s a deep question that a friend of mine recently asked me – it’s very relevant, because it goes deeper into why you have a business rather than simply asking what the business is:

Tell me, in order, the 3 most important things in life to you?

How does your business support or hinder these 3 things?

What do you need to do with your business to have it support your 3 things rather than hinder them?

What is the ultimate goal for you? 

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