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What Sparks My Imagination and Motivation

I enjoy burying my head in a good book; it’s where my imagination runs wild in all the colours and shades of the spectrum (books without pictures spark the imagination). It’s where I am comforted by a great story regardless of how I feel knowing the book won’t judge me, it will wait for me to turn the page, it will remain where I place it without uttering a sigh and will be right there when I pick it up again. It’s doesn’t cry when I break it’s spine (ok, granted, this one would be worth crying and screaming about if I done to a human or animal and for the record, I won’t!) but it remains my non-judgmental friend in any weather on any day.

Kindly note, I am NOT a kindle person; they are not real books…

As for sci-fi and supernatural fantasy programmes / films; I love! It’s another chance to escape into a realm enchantment and super-powers.

Either way, whatever I read or watch must be in some way informative, thought provoking or just fun, yet still thought provoking. If I haven’t learned anything new or life changing about myself or life in general, if it hasn’t triggered off a range of ideas in my mind, if it hasn’t wreaked havoc with the sinews of my heart or not cheered me up, it’s not good enough!

I’d like to share with you a few books and films I find inspirational and perhaps you may see them in the same light;

The Lion King:

  • Hakuna Matata! The problem free philosophy. (Sing it out – it works!)
  • Pumbaa: “You gotta put your behind in your past” I agree, sit on it until you’ve squashed it into the seat so it can never rear its ugly head again…
  • Timon: “When the world turns it back on you, you turn your back on the world”
  • Zazu turns a negative (Scar) into a positive by telling King Mufasa “he’d make a very handsome throw-rug!” (Humour me please)
  • Scar: “I’m surrounded by idiots!” (yes people, sometimes I am and I have to remind myself, its them, not me)

Up (Pixar animation)

Where to start? This entire film was inspirational and I cried like a girl (little girl that is) right the way through. It was sweet in every way; childhood dreams come true, some perhaps late but the protagonists made the most of their situation every time.

If you haven’t watched this, I highly recommend it…with boxes of tissues!

Go have some new adventures!

The Jungle Book

The Bare Necessities: singing it a few times around the house whilst cleaning the place really does help you to” forget about your worries and your strife”, especially when you get caught doing so.

Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

I like the key message in this film. The “end” is not The End, it is just the start of something new and it questions why adults no longer believe in themselves like they did when they were children; some great lines from this film, too many to list.

The Al-Chemist (by Paulo Coelho)

It is all about following your dreams, learning from your mistakes, having your trust betrayed, learning and remembering it for next time, imparting knowledge on others, facing your fears, feeling like you’ve failed but knowing this time how to do it and how to do it avoiding all the earlier mistakes so this time, you achieve it.

Just read it if you haven’t already. It made me laugh, think, feel and cry.

A Thousand Splendid Suns (by Khaled Hosseini)

If you think you’ve got it hard because you failed at something the first time around, read this story and you’ll understand the suffering plight of many women far away from us never giving up. Women who should always be at the forefront of our minds to help us remember how fortunate we are and that we should do more to help them.

If you have any favourite inspirational books or films, then feel free to share!

Saira Nisa is the Founding Director of Living Wellbeing Ltd – a Lifestyle Management Consultancy for Women providing training and coaching within their personal, professional or business lives. She loves reading, creative writing, enjoys the theatre and treasures time spent with family, friends and good, honest people.

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