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Taking A Break

I just came back from California, and it was such a good break. I asked myself, if a “break” and a “vacation” are the same thing or not and I realized that they are different.  I had a break from an environment I felt tired of, a vibe I wasn’t feeling and most of all a break from the same old thing. I continued work, which kept my energy and my mind focused on my goals.

That for me was the difference between a vacation and a break. My break allowed me to focus on my energy, my goals in a different environment, with a different vibe and with a different routine. A vacation means I focus on just me, and the pampering, relaxing and doing nothing. Taking a break actually produced better results for me, re-focusing my values, priorities and goals for the end result I envision. The more often I can take a break the better for me, and a vacation when I know I deserve it, is the best time to have it. There is a difference between the two, and defining it for your self, in context to your business, dreams and goals happens when the time is right. Let your self come to that point when it’s meant to, because when it comes, it will make that much of a difference, just like it did for me.

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