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Exercise: Getting rid of self-doubt and negative thoughts

To be successful you need to have the right mind set and attitude for success. The key is to stay positive. The decisions you make every day will determine your future and you will make much better decisions if your mind is programmed for success. Have a can-do attitude and you will make it happen.

You need to pay attention to the positive voice inside your head and not the negative one.

Don’t listen to the doubts and negative thoughts that start to creep into your head.

Not only do you need to think positively, you need to feel positively! There’s no point in you saying positive things to yourself if you don’t actually believe them.

Try out the following steps… 

Step one

Start to pay more attention to your thoughts – what is your inner voice saying most of the time? Are most of your thoughts positive or negative ones? Do you tend to talk yourself out of doing things or encourage yourself to do it?

Step two

Every time you have a doubt or a negative thought stop and throw the thought behind you – actually visualise this (you can also try to shrink the image in your mind until it disappears.) This takes practice, so if it seems a little ridiculous at first, keep going with it.

Step Three

Once you have got rid of the thought immediately replace it with a positive thought, one that makes you feel good and confident.

If you’re not used to doing this then just keep practicing it and soon you’ll start to do it naturally and at some point the negative and worrying thoughts won’t have the same impact on you.


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