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For someone who spent their childhood, teen years and a bit more writing poetry and short stories, you’d think it would be simple for them to start writing a blog? Right? Wrong!

I don’t consider myself a professional writer – I don’t make money out of writing and I’ve only ever had one poem published in a book (only because I was brave enough to enter it into a competition), I write regularly for an online youth magazine in a volunteer capacity, other than that, it’s a hobby.

Poetry and short stories aren’t always telling a personal story and mine were generally about make believe characters, pixies, fairies, anything childlike but a blog…oh no, the blog seems to be much more than that…this time, its personal!

It’s about my world.

For the sake of keeping up with the world, I’ve been advised to “write blogs”, regularly. Can you imagine my fear?! I’ve never written one before and yet I’ve spent years writing, you perhaps think to yourself especially from someone who does women’s motivational coaching, writes a few motivational articles and is effectively a coach! (Life and business that is, not the wheeled type).

So, first things first, I decided to research this blog and find me some best tips on putting one together. Naturally, I sought refuge in the best place jam packed with everything anyone needs to know about anything and everything…no, not the Britannica Encyclopaedia and not Wikipedia either, but Google!

After seeing a dizzying multitude of “experts” enlightening the world, I just decided to bite the bullet and put my money where my coaching mouth…so here I present my first blog.

Moral of my story – JUST DO IT!

Technique – JUST GET ON WITH IT!

Result – RESULT!

Now the rest of the journey should be easier.


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