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What’s Your Colour?

Last week I went to an event and got chatting to a lady who told me all about how everyone has a colour, depending on their birthday. Different colours mean different things about how you are as a person. Intrigued, I asked her what my colour was. I told her my birthday and she told that my colour was gold and that I always see the bigger picture and when it comes to business I’m always helping other people and I have to be aware of my boundaries. I was quite surprised by how accurate she got me.

The next day when I was on the train home I got my phone out and did a search for birthday colours and found a website called where you can click on your birthday and find out what your colour is and then it gives a description about your personality. I was really fascinated by it all, so when I got home I went on my computer and looked up the colours of my family and friends and it was scarily accurate.

The website said that I was a dreamer and my life had to be filled with ideas and moments of greatness. It said that it was important for me to make time to develop the necessary skills to augment my talent and that in order for me to be great I had to have the courage to make mistakes.

Whether or not colorology is accurate or a load of nonsense, I was definitely intrigued by it and through investigating and reading about my colour I learnt a great lesson – you have to have the courage to make mistakes. I will not forget that.

I think being curious, intrigued and open minded in life is a great way to learn new things and new lessons. Why not have a look and see what your colour is?

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