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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

So I haven’t written in a while. Excuses follow in no particular order.

1). I was lazy

2). I was broken into and my laptop was stolen

3). My full time job has gone a little bit mentally busy


Can you tell which excuse was actually pretty darn exciting?!

I really, really loved doing the course which was super fun, bar the teacher was a tad scary (isn’t it crazy how once person can really affect things for you?!) but managed to pass all my tests with 100% and have fun doing it! I also met one little lady who was super organised and had already bought the extra training bits she needed and had already started her portfolio work. It made me feel super lazy but at the same time motivated me to crack on.

That was last week. This week the real hard work starts. I don’t have beauty school to go to anymore, there are no time limits (bar two years) on how long I have to complete the course, no one pushing me to hurry up and work and it’s all down to me. I just have to now keep doing as much as I can each week to move further towards my goal of setting up my first salon. What is exciting though, is that since the course, my idea has progressed into providing a slightly different service than what I had originally planned but feels way stronger than what I had in my head last month. It’s newer, fresher and better. EEK! I also got the support from one of my PR employees who asked if he could be involved in any brainstorming I do along the way. That was a super cool moment because I really wanted to ask but was a bit scared! Funny what happens when you talk to people about your ideas.

So this week and for the next few, I just need to keep swimming, swimming, swimming and maybe fit in watching Finding Nemo somewhere too. Funny how the motto of a children’s film sticks in your head, isn’t it?!

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