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How Would The Person I Would Like To Be, Do The Things I’m About To Do?

I once watched a video where Jim Cathcart was telling a story about a man who bought a franchise business. The man asked Jim for a daily motto or quote he could use to stay motivated and so Jim gave him a question that he could ask himself everyday.

The question is, “how would the person I would like to be, do the things I’m about to do?”

With that question the man who bought the franchise went away and started to think about what kind of person he wanted to become – a successful businessman.

He started to ask himself, ‘when I’m a successful businessman how will I dress? How will I act?’ So immediately he got a new wardrobe – he started to dress like he was already a successful businessman. Then he got more organised. He started to put pictures up on his walls of the kind of car he wanted to drive, to inspire himself everyday.

Every single day we he woke up he became the person he wanted to become and then eventually he actually made it happen.

As it happens the man went on to become the most successful franchisee.

Think of yourself in the future when you have become the person you want to become. What would you be wearing? How would you act? How would you think? How would you feel? Would you be more decisive? Would you be more proactive? Would you be more focused?

If you want to be successful, you have to think like a successful person would think; you have to act like a successful person would act.

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out the video – it’s great!

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