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Grab Opportunities When They Arise

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from BBC News asking if I could help them find a woman in her 50s who was made redundant and so started her own business. So I posted out a message on Facebook and Twitter and within a matter of minutes I got a call from Louise Barson, who was made redundant a month before she turned 50 and then started her own business! So, I called up the BBC and passed on Louise’s details and they loved her and wanted her to go down to the studio to be interviewed.

So a few hours later, at 9pm, Louise was interviewed LIVE on the BBC news channel!! She was brilliant!

It just goes to show how powerful the internet is! Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities everywhere you look and if one comes up you have to go for it, no matter how scary it might be! Being interviewed live on TV is scary, but Louise just went for it and did a brilliant job.

Look out for journalist requests by searching for #journorequest on Twitter & make sure you share your story on FEA, so that when the next media request pops up I can bear you in mind.

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