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I was invited to an event recently, which was in London. I don’t usually go to events in London, as I’m based in Manchester and it’s expensive to get to London and to stay over in London, but this event sounded really good, so I thought I’d go along.

Attending this event reinforced to me how important it is to get out and go to events I wouldn’t normally go to, because I ended up meeting some amazing people who I’m now going to be doing some great things with.

I think it’s quite easy to get into the habit of not going to events and networking meetings – especially ones that are far away. I know, because I am guilty of it. But the truth is that it’s highly unlikely that a great opportunity is going to come and smack us in the face whilst we’re sat at home or in the office. As entrepreneurs, we need to get out, we need to mingle, we need to meet like-minded people, we need to make the effort to connect with others.

So make it your mission to get out there and go to more events this month and meet new people… you never know what amazing opportunities are just around the corner.

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