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The Style Files — Business Card Holders

This {Girl} Means Business has now been promoted onto greater things, so each week, I will now be bringing you a series from The Style Files.

But fret not, This {Girl} Means Business will be back and she’ll be better than ever… there are exciting things coming to FEA over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Following on from my last post about Business Cards and using them to make your company stand out, this week on The Style Files, I am bringing you the little holders to keep them in.

These chic little card holders will look extremely cute at any meeting or networking event you attend and they will also keep your business cards looking crisp and clean — very important for making a good first impression.

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My personal favourites are the hot pink Kate Spade and the nude Tory Burch. I definitely think that these two would make you look stylish, whilst keeping you professional and that’s exactly what we’re after!

Which would you choose to keep your business cards in?

Until next time, have an amazing week!

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