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Samantha Green

Samantha Green

Every Shade of {Green}

Founder & Editorial Director

Was born in the year of the Rat and considers herself to be a true, unemotional Aquarius. That is until you get all her friends together for her birthday, when she becomes overwhelmed and has been known to end up in tears. Lives in the North of England & adores her apartment. Letters follow her name – BA (Hons) to be precise – and they relate to a degree that she completed in Marketing, quite a few moons ago now. Traces her ancestry to Anne Boleyn– true story! – and finds history fascinating. Travelled – so far – from Europe to Australia to the U.S of A and now finds herself in a long-distance relationship with a rather gorgeous Californian boy. Skype has recently become her best friend and she has managed – much to her surprise – to develop a habit of waking before dawn to speak to said Californian boy… a perfect way to start the day, in her opinion. Loves freshly washed bedding, Sauvignon Blanc, Thai Green Curry and Interior Design magazines. Dreams of travelling to Asia and South America, marrying the love of her life and running her own successful business. Writes about all things beautiful, stylish, tasty, current & relevant to her life over at

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