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Credit Cards and Market Research…

I’ve just put an extremely large amount of money on my credit card (£1670 if you were wondering). YIKES, and at the same time, God bless credit cards. This is, however, to start my Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 2 that I have dreamt about for the past 9 years of my life. ‘Hurrah! At blinking last!’ My friends cried. I had an ultimate shopping high from spending so much and at the same time had an incredible rush of fear creep over me. What happens if I’m actually not that interested in this beauty lark I’ve been raving on about for so long? What happens if my idea in my head doesn’t work out realistically? What if…Yes, I know they are all ‘what if’s’ and I should just give it a go but I’m really craving some reassurance right now. This is where my chosen super power of being able to look into the future would really help right now. I can see Mr Nike’s slogan is screaming at me, but I feel like boxing him into a pulp. ‘Just do it!’ needs to just do one and hop off.

I don’t want to use this blog as a place to moan about not being sure all the time, I want to tell you what steps I’ve taken each week to coming a little closer to my goal. Sometimes, I might have procrastinated ridiculous amounts and will probably tell you in full, boring detail, each of my excuses and other weeks, I’ll be totally on it and feel like my goal is within touching distance.

So, what did I do last week?

Steps taken included buying a business book I leant to someone, which they lost (The e-myth by Michel Gerber), so I could help start to focus my mind on the task ahead, and discussing with my business friends about the location of where my salon should be. The problem is, I live in a completely different city, so doing any form of market research is a little difficult because I like ‘getting a feel’ for the area. Hmm, is this even the right way to do market research? How much do you actually have to do before you decide if that’s the area that you are meant to go for? This is my plan for the next week and a bit anyway; good ol’ fashioned market research. I can see you yawning already. I’ve even done a little stifled one myself. It’s not the most glam, exciting part of setting up a business but I guess one of the most important. I’ll report on what I find out next week. Hopefully it will give me some focus. They were only little steps but still, it got me thinking about things in more depth and this can only be a good thing. I’m positive this week that I can make some progress forward, I’ve just got to remain focused and find some energy after a full day’s work to keep going. I can and I must…

I hope you all are taking mini steps towards your goals too. Good luck with it this week!


 P.S. If anyone knows of any amazeballs books on researching a beauty business or any market research books in general, please let me know. Otherwise, Mr Google it is!


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