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In an ever changing and ever more technological world, we must constantly find ways to stand out. You probably have the fancy website and the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blog accounts (did I get them all?!) but what about your business cards? How much thought are you giving to them these days?

After watching my sister flick through hundreds of – very similar – business cards earlier this week, I realised that, even with all the new technology we are using, business cards do still play an important role in our business lives. We all know how many hundreds of business cards you end up with after a networking event or business meeting and I bet that, if you flick through your collection, they are all pretty similar too. So, this week on This {Girl} Means Business, I’m looking at business cards that stand out.

According to an article on, you should place a picture of yourself and a mini-résumé on your business cards. I’m not sure if I would ever actually go that far but I do believe that they are a mini marketing tool and they should ensure you are remembered in the hours, days, weeks following your meeting, whilst carrying your brand values and providing your main contact details.

So, how about standing out? How about handing over a memorable business card and giving them no choice… they will remember you!

I found the following online and they all made me smile…

Life, and particularly business, is about being remembered and standing out, but most of all it’s about making friends : )



Come let’s be friends… you will find me networking socially here, here & here.

Until next week…

Next week on This {Girl} Means Business:

Business Card Holders. I’m going to be searching for the perfect card holder that will make you look stylish yet professional.

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