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Supporting a Good Cause- “Recipes for Children, by Children”

We’ve recently embarked on a new project to help a school teacher follow her dreams & create healthy recipes for children. It’s early days, but it’s been very fun & rewarding.

Gemma is a primary school teacher in Leeds. Working with children, she really knows how important it is for them to eat a healthy diet & so decided that it would be a good idea to create some recipes for children.

She wanted to get her school class involved, so she could teach them the importance of eating healthy & to help her create recipes that children would actually like to eat.

We’ve been helping Gemma to develop her project & make it happen. We’ve helped her to plan it all out & come up with a name- “Recipes for Children, by Children” & now we’re working on building a website for her, so she can get mums, dads & children using her healthy & fun recipes!

We’re also going to be working on some  press releases too & het her story in the newspapers!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress & send you the website link when it’s completed :-)

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