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Dream BIG Dreams

“Dream your dreams a size too big, so you can grow into them”

Most people have dreams, goals and aspirations in life, but most of these people hold back from achieving them because they’re either scared, making up excuses or they simply don’t know how to make their dreams a reality.

Your dreams are simply things you want in life. This is a fundamental part of becoming successful, because until you know what you want, you’re not going to get very far. This means that you’ve got to get clear on what really matters to you and what you really want in life and then start taking action to achieve results.

dreamsYou need to allow yourself to dream big dreams and image the kind of life you would like to live and the kind of money you would like to see rolling into your bank account every month. The fact is all great me and women begin with a dream; something wonderful an different from today. If you want to make a dream come true, you have to have a dream in the first place.

You need to have no limitations on what you can be, have or do in life. Like Napoleon Hill said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can be done.” Stick that quote on your wall and read it every day. Start now to image that you have all the time, money, support, knowledge, experience; all the resources you need to anything- what would you do? What kind of life would you like to create for yourself and your family?

As you start to think about the things you want in life, try not to plan how you’re going to achieve those dreams too soon. If you do, chances are that you’ll compromise your dream, by letting your current reality slip into the equation. You’ll start to find reasons for why your dream is unrealistic and you’ll think of all the obstacles and then all of a sudden, the passion and the excitement of the dream has disappeared.

You need to keep the passion and the excitement of the dream alive, so that you stay motivate and driven to achieve it.

Dreaming is really about taking control of your life and asking yourself; ‘how do I want my life to be, and what am I willing to do about it?’ You need to realise that your dreams are worth fighting for and without your dreams all you have is your reality. Whilst reality is certainly not a bad thing, as you need to know where you are right now in order to plan where you’re going, but the question is what has being realistic cost you?

The fact is most of us kill off any possibility of our dreams before we even explore them. The sad fact is, that if we just tried a little bit to make our dreams come true, we’d probably go far.

If you’ve got a dream you really want to come true, don’t lose sight of it an have the courage to dare to achieve it.

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