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10 Steps To Achieving Your Dreams

Here are 10 steps to achieving your dreams. Be bold, courageous and never lose faith. Good luck.


1. See into the future
Project yourself forward 5 years in your minds eye and your dreams have now become your reality. What can you see? Where are you? What are you doing? How much money are you making? How much money do you have in the bank? Step into your thoughts and really become part of the image. If you can turn up the brightness of what you can see, make it as believable as possible. Create a vision for yourself that’s so real, that when you open your eyes it’s almost as if you know it’s going to become your reality. When you can see clearly what you want in life, it makes it easier for you to achieve.

2. Set an intention
By setting an intention to do something about your dream you will give yourself directions. Whether it be to set up your own business or to go travelling. Just have an intention to do something you want to do.

3. Have integrity
Living with integrity is so important. If you aren’t true to your word, then having an intention is pointless.

4.Know who you are
This is an important one. If you know who you are and what your purpose is in life then you must follow this. If you do the quality of your life will change; you will be fulfilled by knowing you’re doing what’s right for you. If you don’t know who you are then take time to figure it out. Maybe try meditating or yoga to help you relax and open yourself up to new discoveries.

5. Be a stronger person for yourself and your family
Now, I don’t mean physically stronger! I mean mentally stronger. Have the strength to dare to achieve, to dare to fail, because if you never try, you never know what could have been. If you ever feel like you need more strength or courage image you have a huge lion chained to your ankle. This lion is strong and fearless and he will lead you in the right direction and help you to take bold steps forward. Anytime you need to be fearless rattle the chain and your lion will be there for you. I know this sounds a bit silly, but if you really visualise a lion being with you, it will give you so much mental strength, if just on a subconscious level. Fooling the mind can be powerful. Remember to believe in yourself; when you do anything is possible.

6. Get really clear on what you want and write it down.

It’s so important to get your dreams out of your head and onto paper. This has a significant impact on the way your mind will think about your goals. If you write it down it will become a bigger part of your reality.

7. Don’ let fear stand in your way
Most people believe it’s the lack of time or money or luck that’s holding them back, when in actual fact it’s the fear of not knowing that holds people prisoner to their reality. Never undermine yourself; you are all you have got. You have to make your dreams happen and that means telling your fears to go away. Do not let your fear win, because that means you will lose. A good way to overcome fear is by thinking of solutions to the things your most frightened about. So, if your goal is to quit your job and set up a business, you might want to think about what’s the worst thing that could happen? You might end up broke? Sleeping on a friends couch? Having to get part time work to support your family? If the absolute worst doesn’t result in the death of yourself or loved ones, then I’d say there’s a very good reason for why you should start taking action. Don’t worry about failing either, if you want to be successful in life you will have to fail at some point, fact. However, this can be a very good thing, you can learn so much from your failures.

8. Start taking action
In order for your dreams to come true you need to have a plan of action. I sometimes think that people can get scared and back off before they’ve even started, because they’re trying to thinking so much of the end dream that they lose sight of how they’re going to get there. Break your dream down into actionable chunks. Set yourself mini projects, which are achievable within a month, so you don’t lose focus and stop dreaming.

9. Share your dreams
Tell your close friends and family your dreams, so they can get excited for you and with you. By telling people what your dreams are, you are making them become part of your reality. By sharing your dreams you can also inspire others, this can help you build rapport and support.

10. Back everything you do with persistence and determination
If you do this you will be sure to make your dreams come true. Life is too short not to at least try to do the things you want to do in life. Don’t give yourself the chance to have regrets.

Start to DREAM BIG!

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