Launch Case Study

In the video above I shared my story around how I launched the Members’ Club, with the help of the amazing Nikki Elledge Brown, founder of A Course About Copy.

It’s long, but I hope you find lots of nuggets in there.

Below I’ve made a note of what we talk about and at what time, so if you like you can just flick to the parts you’re most interested in.

I hope you find this helpful! Carrie xx



1:23 – Coming up with the concept for the Members’ Club

3:36 – How I got started turning it from an idea into a reality

7:00 – How I created surveys to discover answers

9:38 – How to get answers and find out what your audience want, without an existing network of your own

13:52 – How I began to create the content

19:14 – Creating a freebie to test out your idea

21:16 – Coming up with the pricing

26:02 – Discussing why people said they wanted to have a monthly subscription, rather than an annual one

27:41 – How I deal with people who sign up and cancel (and the worry of people doing this)

30:30 – Setting up the technical side

39:44 – How I built a buzz before launching

41:50 – Nikki talks about how she used Facebook groups to build buzz for her launch

42:31 – What happened once someone signed up to the pre-launch list

44:51 – How I created Founding Members

46:33 – Creating my marketing plan for the launch

49:00 – Nikki’s launch experience (her 6-figure launch)

56:09 – The dilemma of not knowing whether I could sustain a membership site

1:05:10 – How I marketing the Members’ Club every month

1:09:15 – Who helped me/my team

1:11:15 – Marketing breakdown + not being afraid to sell

1:16:19 – Nikki’s experience + how to deal with people telling you should do things a certain way

1:18:15 – The most important things to consider when launching

1:22:30 – Not being afraid



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