Kick-Start the Year 2014


We’ve created Kick-Start the Year 2014 to help make this year the best ever! This is the time to get super clear on what you want to achieve, create your game plan for making it happen and then take massive action to make it happen.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I’ve found that when I don’t have goals, when I’m not clear on where I’m going, when I don’t have a game plan I end up drifting along, not achieving very much at all! Have you ever had that moment when you say to yourself, “how did I end up here?” – where weeks and months have passed by and you’re still in the same place, nothing has progressed, nothing has moved? It’s the most frustrating thing, especially when you know you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Well all that ends now. This year is the year to achieve incredible things and to help you do this we’ve created a 30-day Kick-Start the Year Challenge. This challenge is to help you take time to work ON your business, on where you’re going, on your strategy for the year, so you know exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, so that you don’t drift along this year – you dominate this year!

Here’s what we’ve created to help you kick this year off with a bang:

A series of workbooks for you to print off and work through to help you get super clear & create your game plan + much more! 

reflecting Covers
game plane Covers

stand out Covers

schedule Covers



A brand new guided visualisation for you to download and listen to daily. It’s been created by Jason Jackman specifically for the Members’ Club and it will help you to program your mind for having the best year ever. We also have new inspirational iPhone & desktop graphics to help keep you on fire this month!

best year ever vis



We’ve also created some extra printables to help you plan out the next 12 months & stay organised this year :-)

planner Covers
monthly goals Covers
Click to download your checklist

community LINES

You don’t have to kick-start the year alone! Get involved in the live events this month. We have a live Q&A session taking place, where you can come and ask any questions you have, and we also have live mastermind session, where we’ll be sharing more strategies to help you make this year amazing. If you can’t attend live – don’t worry, we’ll be recording them and you can watch them after.

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So come and join us in the Members’ Club and start 2014 off with a bang and make this year the best ever!

Carrie x


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