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How to Program Your Mind For Success

Discover how I programmed my mind for success, helping me to have the freedom & life of my dreams, grow a tribe of over 800,000 incredible fans & build a multi-million dollar business.

Are you ready to program your mind for success and create success on purpose?

Download my 90 Day Business Success Plan and start taking action on your dreams and the life you want to create for yourself - right now!


Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Author of the Best-Selling Book She Means Business, lover of praline, rom coms, and a healthy dose of woo. I’ve been on this wild entrepreneurial journey for over 10 years, but it hasn’t always been fun, purposeful, or fulfilling in the slightest. In fact, it’s been full of ups and downs—can you relate? I finally created FEA in 2011 after dreaming about it for years. Helping female entrepreneurs like you create the business and the life you’ve always wanted is what I live for. My mission is to inspire you and give you the tools you need to create the future we both know is possible. It’s time to turn your brilliant ideas into reality.

“Success is no accident. Living an incredible life is no accident. You have to do it on purpose, and it starts by knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve, knowing why you want to achieve it, knowing the kind of person that you need to become in order to make it happen, and then programming your mind to make it happen”.

- Carrie Green

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