We’ll be working on your business in paradise...

I’m so excited to invite you to join me for the first ever FEA Inspired Vacay. This is going to be a transformational 3 days, where we’re going to take a step back from our businesses, reconnect with our vision, have inspired conversations, build meaningful relationships, work ON our businesses and most importantly… have fun. (It is a vacation, after all!)

Doing these things is so important, but we often forget to actually do it. We get so caught up in our businesses we end up not being able to see the wood for the trees. It can get messy!

Even when we attempt to have a day of reconnecting, we get sucked into everything somehow, whether it’s through our emails or Facebook!

But what if you could shut off from the chaos for 3 solid days and just work on the big picture of your business, with the help of incredible entrepreneurs? You know it would change a lot.

The biggest AHA moments happen when you give yourself the space to let go.



Our aim is to go above and beyond to create the most inspiring and relaxing entrepreneurial experience for you. This won’t be an intensive few days, where you have to wake up at the crack of dawn (unless you want to!) and then you feel exhausted by the end of each day, because it was so jam packed full of business strategies!! It will be a laid back few days, with inspired conversations around our businesses, meaningful one-on-one connections and lots of time for reconnecting with yourself and your business.

We will have plenty of paper for you to write on, because I know you’ll be full of ideas as the days go by. I will be there every day with you, chatting to you about how I’ve built FEA and on hand to help you uncover the next steps for your business.

The days will be planned out according to the major needs of the group. As soon as you get your ticket we’ll send you a quick questionnaire, so you can let us know what you’d LOVE to focus on.

This will be a very tailored few days. I’m not giving away anything else, because this is going to be like nothing you’ve experienced before 😉

You’re going to leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and fired up!