To build wildly successful businesses.

If you have a dream to start a business or have a business you want to grow, we're going to show you exactly how to make it a huge success.

Our goal is to teach you how to make money doing something you love while having lots of fun with like-minded women along the way. #GrowTogether

This is the #1 global, online membership for women making it happen and we’d love you to join us.


You'll get instant access to:

Over 50 business classes
Everything you need to know to build the business of your dreams.

Live events & Workshops
Get your questions answered and get the support you need.

Accountability Partner
Work 1-1 with your partner to accomplish so much more.

Virtual meetups
Make friends, get feedback, share your ideas!

Community & Directory
Get listed in our directory and connect with over 5000 women in business!

Come and work together and you'll get so much more done!


COUNTRIES working in over




Your tribe sets your vibe
Make friends who will force you to level up!

With access to all the amazing training and support we offer inside the Female Entrepreneur Association, over 5,000 inspirational women are each writing their own individual success stories, creating their freedom, determining their destiny and building wildly successful businesses. Here’s what they’ve been achieving...

“The Members’ Club is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and in my business.”

“Inside of the Members’ Club I got a lot of exposure, made a lot of connections, I got a lot of support! There are not enough words to say how grateful I am for such an experience and to be close to such people!”​

- Kenz A Soliman

“A lot of my clients come from FEA”

“I call FEA my no.1 business resource because I literally can’t do without it and it’s something that I use every single day of the week...Now I have a proper strategy set in place and I feel so much less overwhelmed.”

Noleen Sliney

“I feel supported and you don't feel silly when asking questions in the group because it's such a lovely bunch of people.”

“Carrie is so down to earth and so open about her own journey, good and bad and that’s what really attracted me to her. ​The many many resources that are available within the Members’ Club is amazing. ​They’ve been really, really helpful for me. I feel fully supported and you don’t feel silly when asking questions in the group because it is such a lovely bunch of people.”

- Ruby Aslam

“I now have a podcast with tens of thousands of downloads.”

“I’ve used the Members’ Club...to connect with all sorts of people...really great women who are out there going after the success that they want as well. It has been invaluable for me.”

- Anna Parker-Naples

If you’re ready to unleash your potential, to take action on your ideas, and build a successful business...

🧠 If your mind races thinking of all the incredible things you want to accomplish, but you feel stuck before you’ve even started, because it’s scary to take action, to put yourself out there...

If you’re sick of wasting time trying to piece together the overwhelming amount of information online and you just want someone to make it simple for you so you can actually get results...

🧗‍♀️ If no one around you seems to really get “this crazy business dream” and you’re just so tired of going at it alone...

👭 If you need somewhere to turn to for answers to your questions, to stay accountable or to just have a chat or share the struggle...

...then this membership is “that one thing” that finally changes everything.

Don’t just give yourself a chance...
...give yourself THE BEST chance

Here’s how we’re going to get you from daydreaming about all the possibilities, to celebrating all the success...

We put you through brain bootcamp

Bust through the mental blocks, the self-sabotage, the “perfection paralysis” and that voice inside your head saying “I can never do this”

...with inspiring trainings to condition yourself for success and overcome your self-limitations. Nothing’s going to hold you back from creating success (dream big & get excited!!).

We silence the noise to help you focus on what REALLY works

Rapidly learn and implement simple-but-super-effective strategies for your business

...with a library of over 50 business masterclasses, new expert trainings every month, workbooks and templates that will help you take action and create results.

We’ve got A’s to all your Q’s

Create momentum and take action confidently, rather than getting stuck asking “how?!”

... with weekly Ask Carrie sessions so that she can answer YOUR questions and live monthly coaching calls with leading business experts.

We help you set proper goals and smash them

Manage your time with precision and intent. We help you plan your most successful month, every month

...with interactive monthly goal-setting and planning workshops designed to help you get organised, get things done and stay on track.

We make you a part of the success sisterhood

We’re all on the same journey and we’re all in this together. Meet your business bestie, find your next business partner and connect with women “who get it”, from all over the world.

...with 5,000 amazing members forming one of the most engaged, active and collaborative communities of female entrepreneurs online.

We hook you up with your business-best-match

Find friendship and stay accountable

...​with accountability partner pairings to help you find your “best-match” member, so that you can both help each other set goals, make plans and follow through.

We’ll stop at nothing until you realise your own greatness!

As an entrepreneur you need to learn a lot about a lot: our Members’ Club is all-inclusive & all-you-can-consume!

Investing in yourself and your dreams is great, but course after course after course adds ups, especially when you’re just starting out and your plans and ideas are changing faster than fashion trends.

That’s why we offer a complete library with all the strategies, expert training and learning you could need as a business-owner - both now and in the future... all available to you on-demand!

As a member, you get access to over 50 essential courses, with a new one added every single month.

Pick and choose what works for you and tailor your learning to suit your unique journey!

Whether it’s mindset, marketing or managing finances, we’ve got it all. Here’s a sneak peek

How to hop off the struggle train: list building with intention

Amy Porterfield

Learn the five-pillar framework for building an engaged email list from scratch for your business.

Love your launch

Julie Stoian + Cathy Olson

A set-by-step guide to help you plan out your first or next launch and hit all the milestones you need to create success and make sales in this launch and beyond.

Create a successful online course

Jess Catorc

Learn how to create profitable, compelling online courses to help you scale your business with this passive income strategy.

Create a compelling brand for your business

Michelle Rohr

How to create a compelling, cohesive brand for your business that resonates with your audience and your dream clients.

Build a successful membership site

Stu McLaren

Learn how to build, launch and grow a successful, scaleable membership site of loyal members.

Making money with mini courses

Lucy Griffiths

Learn step-by-step how to create your offer, scale your marketing, make sales and get paid to grow your audience.

Launching for the long run: How to write evergreen launch copy

Prerna Malik

Write content that attracts the right subscribers, converts them into customers and generates sales on autopilot.

Create your high-converting webinar

Colin Boyd

The top tips, tricks, secrets and strategies that will have you creating and leading your next webinar like a pro!

Allowing abundance to flow

Carrie Green

Discover why doing the inner work is the real secret to success and learn the best ways to allow abundance and success to flow to you.

50+ classes



Ride the wave with others who are in the same boat

Yes, you will get instant access to a library of absolutely all the expert training you need to build a wildly successful business, but our Members’ Club is soooo much more than that, because....

It’s not just about WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!

We’re all about collaboration at the Female Entrepreneur Association. Our Members’ Club isn’t “just another course” you enroll in and then forget about.

It’s a completely different approach to creating success. It’s a fabulous formula of training married with the support, accountability, connections and community we all need to grow and thrive. When you’re part of the community, you will:

  • Create friendships and bonds for life, both online and offline.
  • Find a guest for your podcast or your blog, meet your business bestie or connect withyour next business partner!
  • Form part of a forum for ​real connections that spark real results and inspire rapidtransformations.

Here’s the magic of why this works so well...

The collective problem-solving, motivational and inspirational force of a group, especially a group of determined and like-minded women, is infinitely greater than going at it alone.

Our Members’ Club is built ​BY female entrepreneurs FOR female entrepreneurs​...

  • Entrepreneurs who started from square 1, who battled the self-doubts, defeated the lack of self-confidence and built their empires from scratch. #selfmade
  • Entrepreneurs living the laptop nomad lifestyle and those daydreaming from their office cubicle while hustling on the side. #dreamersanddoers
  • Entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and solopreneurs juggling work, business, home, family, friends and everything in between. #seriouslysuperwomen
  • Entrepreneurs from all over the world, from all walks of life, with all different challenges. #inclusive #antiracist #thereforeachothernomatterwhat

Entrepreneurs like...

• Marion Leadbetter, who​ tripled her income within 2 months of joining!

• Paige Brunton, who reached her goal of getting​ 1,000 email subscribers in 3 months​!

• Lilli Badcock, who launched her podcast, which got over​ 15,000 downloads in less than a week​!

And some more of our amazing members...

So here’s what you get...

Instant access to over 50 expert business masterclasses, with a new training added every month.

Think of it like the “Netflix of business”, all the step-by-step strategies you need to build a successful business. Access and watch any time you need.


month value

Live monthly online coaching calls.

The chance to be in the hot seat, getting your questions answered by incredible business experts. You don’t have to figure it all out alone.


month value

Live monthly Goal Setting & Planning Workshop.

Plan out your most successful month, every month with guidance from Carrie Green - these are amazing co-working sessions.


month value

An Accountability partner.

Get matched with your ideal business bestie, your next business partner or simply a friendly face to keep you on track.


month value

Virtual Meetups

Sell your ideas, get feedback and meet new clients and business besties who can’t wait to support you, in a game-changing online networking session.


month value

A private community of 5000+ female entrepreneurs.

Mingle, chat, share a win, ask for help or keep up with the latest. This is the place to collaborate, connect and make friends for life.


Total monthly value of $785 per month

+ Over $10,000 worth of business trainings to access instantly!

As you fight your way through the challenges of building your business over the next few months, you can spend $3 a day on an overpriced coffee...or you can invest​ ​that​ in creating more income, more success, more freedom...

“In the first month I did 350 email subscribers, 2 months after that, I ended up hitting my 1,000 subscriber goal”

“The members’ Club.. is a really great community of other women who just get it and are working towards similar goals

Paige Brunton

“We doubled our email list”

“I was at a stage in my business where I really needed some coaching... so I thought the Members’ Club would be a great way to get some help and support. There’s so much in it, so many different courses you can take!”

- Roz Frazer

“The day I launched, I had set a goal of 200 Facebook likes within 24 hours... I achieved 198!”

“Before I joined the Members’ Club, I had read books, I’d listened to YouTube videos, I’d already gained a huge amount of business knowledge, but I had no idea how to do this! ...The minute that I found FEA...all my struggles and fears in everything just withered away...I became so confident”

- Lin Alchin

Our Complete Confidence Guarantee

And because we want to make this totally risk-free for you, if you enroll today, we’re also offering you a 14-day money back guarantee.

We’re not big fans of the way most people do guarantees - they always make it so difficult!

We believe 100% in the transformational power of the FEA Members’ Club, so​ we like to keep it simple!

If you enroll today, you get full access to everything. Take 14 days to go through the trainings, try things out, connect with the community and even make your first sales.

If you don’t think this is for you, just send us an email and we’ll refund your first month.

It’s that simple. No risk for you, just a 14-day opportunity to learn something new, make some new friends and make real progress.

We can offer this guarantee with full confidence!

And beyond that, you also get​ ​complete flexibility with no commitment.​ Cancel anytime or stay, thrive and become part of our growing female entrepreneur family.

You can become a part of the Members’ Club and get access to everything listed above.

Where could you be a year from today if you had access to the right training and support to help you thrive?

How much success could you create? How different would you feel?

Building the business of your dreams is simply about taking the right next steps, learning the right strategies and surrounding yourself with the right people.

We really don’t want you to miss out, and we can’t wait to see you and all the success you’re gonna create on the other side!

But is it right for me? + FAQs

There are a lot of other options out there -- In fact, I have 5 other courses sitting on my computer, waiting for me. What makes the Members' Club different?

First, the Members’ Club is NOT “another course” or even “another membership group.” It’s so much more… and LESS. Yes, less. We know you’re already overwhelmed with ideas, content, courses, and information. That’s why we will help you start with the end in mind and figure out what you need to do TOMORROW to get you where you want to be with your business and your life. Then we give you the specific skills to get there… and make sure you get it. You’re never left alone to figure it out on your own. Focus. Accountability. Guidance. Support. And a whole bunch of laughter to go along with it.

I've been in business for years. Is this just for newbies?

No, not at all! If you’ve been in business for any time, you’ll be very familiar with what I call the “entrepreneurial roller coaster.” Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a new set of problems arise to test your patience, determination, and commitment! As entrepreneurs, we are always encountering the unknown. And wherever you are in that journey, the Members’ Club is here to help you out.

Why do you limit enrolment periods?

We are absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every one of our members receive the royal treatment when she joins. We limit enrollment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Members’ Club has to offer. By holding dedicated enrollment periods, we can dedicate time and resources to welcoming each new “class” of members.

What are the masterclasses?

We partner with the BEST experts to create content we know our members want and need. From mindset to marketing, from creativity to copy, each month we release a new masterclass of multimedia resources such as videos, audios, worksheets, and more. (Many members say each masterclass is worth 10x their monthly membership fee!)

Do you host events?

Yes, we organised fun meet ups for the members, these include events such as our annual Inspired Vacay, Member Christmas Party and soon we will be adding a few more events too! As a member you’ll get a special email invite with special discounted rates.

I live in Asia/America/Australia... I'm in the food/coaching/PR/retail industry... I'm only 17/37/57/77 years old... Will this help me?

With over 5000 women in over 65 countries and 700+ industries, our members represent a diverse range of entrepreneurs. So whether you're a Canadian career coach, a Venezuelan VA, an English Etsy store owner, or a French fashion blogger, we can help you!

What if it's not everything you say... Can I get a refund?

We stand behind our promises. That means, once you join us you have 14 days to claim a refund if you feel like the Members’ Club isn’t for you or has offered you no value.

I'm just starting out... Do I need to already have a business to join?

No, not necessarily. We welcome passionate newcomers! If you have an idea for a business or are just getting started we can help you to get things off the ground.

Do the masterclasses cost extra?

No, you'll get instant access to all of the masterclasses at no extra cost. Each month you'll get a new masterclass as part of your membership.

How much does it cost to be a member?

It’s currently $47 per month or $470 per year (you get 2 months FREE) to be a member.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, but we hope you won't! You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard.

Can I pay annually?

Yes! We now offer a Monthly or Annual Membership plan. 

We don’t like to brag (but we’re going to!). Here’s what our members have to say...

We implemented the strategies taught in the Masterclass! I now have 162k monthly visitors, and in the last 30 days, 187k impressions, 153k audience, 9.6k engaged audience, 11k engagements and am pinning the blogs from my website!

I hadn't really thought of Pinterest as a viable social media outlet in terms of business prior to participating in Michelle's Masterclass! I had 3.5k monthly viewers!

The Masterclass was so straightforward and user friendly (even for a non-techie person like me)! I did everything she said and also shared the information with my daughter (and biz partner). She had an even smaller monthly following!

We implemented the strategies taught in the Masterclass! ​I now have 162k monthly visitors, and in the last 30 days, 187k impressions, 153k audience, 9.6k engaged audience, 11k engagements and am pinning the blogs from my website!

My daughter has 199k monthly visitors, and in the last 30 days 209k impressions, 199k audience 8.8k engaged audience and 9.9k engagements! This all happened in a matter of months!

We are so appreciative of the guidance provided on the Masterclass! ​It is so exciting to take a class, apply the knowledge and get results!”​

- Rosalind Hinton

FEA is an essential part of my business now

It is where I go to get inspired and meet new people who understand what it means to run a business online. ​It’s the perfect system for running a successful business that I love showing up for everyday.

Things I’ve accomplished since joining FEA:

  • Ran a 5 day woman retreat in southern Italy.
  • Created a joint venture course with someone I met in FEA and made a profit.
  • Streamlined my business so I make more money working half the hours.
  • Worked on my mindset.
  • Started meditation and listening to visualisations.
  • Got to spend the last two summers going to the beach every single day while still running my business.
  • Met the dream team masterminds.
  • Been featured on Carrie’s blog and in the magazine (thank you for that!).
  • Really started to focus on self care and showing up 110% for myself and my clientsevery day.
  • Learned to listen to my intuition and follow it!

Stephanie LaTorre