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Revive Your Dreams, Transform Your Life
Kathleen Ellis
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED….. Is it too late for me to live the life I dream of? Am I too...
Building Speech and Language Skills…at home!
Danielle Dureault
Learn how to help you build your child’s speech and language skills through connection and play, using the best...
Turn Your Magic Into Sales – Your Business Starter Kit
Mariana Pacheco Dos Santos
This is the mini-course I wish I had when I started! Designed to help anyone who wish to start...
Improve your confidence workbook
Naomi Carlin
Hello! I am so pleased you have found us!! This isn’t a chance meeting, you were meant to land...
Dream Self Esteem
Christina Hetherington
A 28 day Audio programme designed to re-programme your mind from the inside out. If you’ve ever suffered with...
How to Create a Powerful Website
Gertrude Westrin
This is a comprehensive easy to follow course, that puts you in front of your ideal customers. The course...
The 5 Pillars of Successful Parenting-Pillar 1: Mealtimes
The 5 Pillars of Successful Parenting-Pillar 1: Mealtimes
Transform your family mealtimes with children who actually eat what you serve, without screens or tantrums. Imagine confidently introducing...
A Mom’s Playbook: Empowering Your Child To Succeed With Human Design
Briana Kiley
If you are wanting to break free from the mental blocks, the pressure to conform, and the feeling you...
How to sell with Class & Confidence
Loubie Otto
This course will help you to move FROM shying away from sales, avoiding it at all cost, thinking it...
Building TRUE Friendships – Course for Teen Girls
Sarah Found
What if you had support to help your teen navigate through tough friendship times? We can’t rid the world of...
The EPIC course kit
Kenz Soliman
The stress-free system to creating Empowering, Profitable, Inspiring, Captivating courses
The Feminine Path to Awakening the Lost Genius of Childhood
Erika Archer Zarow
This 7 week course is a transformational training providing essential tools and practices to unlock your unique potentials. This...
Supercharge your business financial mindset and expenses
Kia Smith
In this course, we look at how to supercharge your small business’s financial knowledge. I provide valuable guidance, principles,...
From Heart to Art
Donna Fairgrieve
From Heart to Art: Building Self Confidence & Gratitude in Your Child Through Art Journaling. In this course you...
Body Language Badassery
Jennifer Grigg
BLB is a six week course designed to kickstart your confidence by harnessing the power of your body language....
Foundations for a Successful Long Distance Relationship
Olivia Grant
Learn the foundations to make your long-distance relationship work. After struggling through a long-distance relationship for a year, we realized...
Bonding Through Bedtime Routines
Valerie Birch
Imagine each night engaging in a bedtime routine with your little one that is enjoyable and calming for everyone! The...
Creative Cuppa
Liz Melling
Say goodbye to thoughts that pester us when we take a break. No more “I’ll just send that email”....
Write Your Legacy Workshop
Buli Dayan
Writing workshop designed to capture your Legacy So many things happen in your life, it’s easy to forget the crucial...
Find Fabulous members for your Fantastic Facebook group
Emma Green
Do you: – know that a Facebook group would allow you to serve your clients in a better way, but...
Course on a page method: no stress way to highly sellable courses!
Katrina Yu
My passion is to help women create courses that will impact others. After years of creating courses, I made...
Your Menopause Makeover Workshop
Susan Marks, FNP-C
Every woman goes through menopause. Most women know next to nothing about peri-menopause and menopause which are the most...
Supercharge your life with Kundalini Energy
Jana Sophia Maora
Very powerful and transformative course on how to awaken the serpent of Kundalini Energy within you, which will help...
Beditation – a soothing bedtime sequence for children
Melanie Cordall
This soothing sequence of story, yoga stretches and guided meditation introduces children to simple mindfulness techniques promoting their well-being...
The Inner Beauty Makeover
Beaudy Camacho
Hey there Beautiful! I’m Beaudy, one of your FEA Team Leaders and Create & Sell Business Mentors! Thank you so...
The No-Fuss Roadmap to Instagram
Emily A. Brandenburg
Instagram shouldn’t feel overwhelming and I’m here to help you rock your biz on this platform! In this course, I’m...
Tap Into Your Intuition and Unleash Your Greatest Asset
Michelle Akaras
This course is for you if you are an ambitious woman who feels an urging for something more, yet...
Bloom, Become the Woman you Want to Be
Tara Manna
How amazing would it be to embody the vision that you have of your ideal self and really live...
From Cold Ideas to Hot Off The Press
Angela Davis
Imagine holding a copy of YOUR book in YOUR hands! Picture the glossy cover with your name emblazoned across...
Juice to reduce fatigue, inflammation and brain fog
Fabienne Weibel
Learn the powerful way of juicing that can give you more vitality on both a physical and mental level....
Harness the Power of Habits
Kristie Taulman
This course helps you rediscover yourself by finding out what has held you back in the past & learning...
The Energy Formula
Emma Halewood
This course is for you if you want to connect with the deeper more meaningful parts of life in...
The Business Bootcamp – for online entrepreneurs
Claire Wilkinson
The Business Bootcamp has been created for busy online entrepreneurs who are always on the go. If you’re feeling...
Become A Fear Conquering Entrepreneur
Olubunmi Ashiedu
IS FEAR KEEPING YOU STUCK? Discover How to move beyond fear and see what’s possible for you and your business. Fear...
1 Hour a Day for 15 Days – The Most Epic Spiritual Shifts
Alina Kieras
This practise can subtle, yet profoundly, change the way you feel, listening to the wisdom of some phenomenal spiritual...
The Busy Woman’s Guide to Stress Less
Dr. Valerie Hertzog
What if taking care of yourself wasn’t difficult? I went from feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and stuck when I...
Unleash my Subconscious with Theta Healing
Tahira Hassan
Trauma doesn’t have to be a big life changing event such as death, divorce or abuse, which can have...
Your Real Estate Foundation
Sadie Callegari
Did you start your real estate career picturing a flexible schedule and a business of your own – only...
Pause, Process + Pivot: How to embrace your authentic self!
Casi Olson
Give yourself the freedom to embrace your authentic self! In this 3 day course you will learn how to...
Overcoming the Struggle: A Guide to Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Stephanie Petrelli
In this course, you will learn how to manage your overwhelm and build the confidence you need to stop...
Fast-Track Your Fertility. My Signature 10 Week Program
Lynda Stretton
Sick of getting negative pregnancy tests? Wondering why you keep miscarrying or experiencing failed rounds of IVF? Want to...
The Power of Journaling: 5 Epic Prompts that will transform your life
Ella Ayonronmi
The course is designed to give you effective and simplified ways to harness your potential by utilising the power...
Renew your sexual relationship
Adriana Cabello
With this course you will find easy ways to strengthen the bond between you two, so that you can...
A journey into SELF-MASTERY
Egle Blekaityte
Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities, usually serving others and forgetting about your own balance? Ready to go...
Unlock the Magic of your Inner Voice
Claire Bunce
This course teaches a 7-step process to cut through overwhelm and connect with your own wisdom. Imagine being able...
Feeding Your Fertility
Jemma Kehoe
Do you ever wonder if you could manage endometriosis or PCOS, maximise your chances of getting pregnant & reduce...
Get unstuck: Turn overwhelm into action
Jo Smith
So stuck in overwhelm you end up doing nothing, despite trying to do something? Turn overwhelm into action, one intentional...
Boost Your Self-Worth
Elitsa Holm
Would you like to look in the mirror with confidence and loving eyes? I’d love to help you get...
Become a Powerful Confident Goddess
Elli León
Become a Powerful Confident Goddess Reclaim your confidence and become a powerful woman that lives the life she desires. You will...
How to lose your fears and achieve your goals with confidence and ease
Yvonne Dodd
Hi my name is Yvonne and I’m NLP coach, EFT and Mindfulness Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I have worked within...
5 steps to unravel your ADHD mind, regain clarity & thrive
Clare McAleese
You often look at others and wonder how the hell they appear so calm and together? So organised, focussed...
Ladies Let’s Launch Program
Camille Victoria
On the Ladies Let’s Launch 6 month program you will gain access to our ultimate digital launch formula, a...
The Elegant No
Eimear Zone
It can be a tricky business to say No, when we need and want to. We can say Yes...
DIY Your Biz PR
Fiona Dwyer
Want free publicity but don’t know how to get it? Learn top tips, secrets and strategies for getting yourself...
The Ultimate Facebook Content Plan For Busy People
Diane Cossie
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all your Facebook content nailed in less than 2 hours per week? In this...
Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs
Sabita Adhikari
Start living your dream life with this proven 4 step framework. Learn to eliminate limiting thoughts and replace them...
Kickstart Strength
Maddy Stretton
28 days of planned-for-you strength, cardio and HIIT home workouts designed to get you feeling stronger, leaner and fitter!...
Part-Time Vegan
Monica Metz
Discover how to supercharge your health and get started on a more plant based diet with nutrition guidance, meal...
Magnificent Modern Art
Lotus Stewart
Inspire your kids with intentional creative exploration as you introduce them to 10 phenomenal artists who shaped the direction...
Anxious to Aligned: Transform Your Fears Into Freedom
Loren Cellentani
Do you feel like you are doing all the right things but are left more anxious, unhappy and unhealthy? Does...
From Stuck to Unstoppable
Carlee Webber
Discover how to make a powerful shift in life that sees you level-up in all areas. Imagine springing out...
Essential Oil Toolkit for Burnout and fatigue
Lindsey Brookes
This course and companion materials will help ANYONE who ever feels low on mental or physical energy or has...
Become Fluent in Fractions
Laura Fox
Are you ready to step-up & help your kids achieve success in maths with confidence? My programme shows you exactly...
Plant-Based Meal Prep Made Easy
Kristin Maack
When it comes to preparing healthy plant-based meals for the week ahead, do you ever feel like you don’t...
The Vibrant Woman Project: DFY 90-Day Coaching Program
Kim Foster
You’d love to offer your dream clients an irresistible, premium health coaching program but feel overwhelmed creating everything from...
Uncover your true meaning and purpose
Clare Deacon
If you find yourself struggling to make decisions, not feeling connected with your life or perhaps searching for something...
Insta Audience Attractor
Katie Tovey-Grindlay
Do you ever see other business owners on Insta and think to yourself “wow, I wish I could have...
Quickfire Branding with Canva
Gemma Dowling
Most start-ups settle for branding designs that they aren’t satisfied with or passionate about. I’m Gemma, and my mission...
The Art of Wine-ing with Intention
Amy L Dunn
So you know you like wine, ever wanted to know why, or how to enjoy it even more? This aromatic...
WordPress Express
Stephanie LaTorre
Learn the secret formula for creating your website with WordPress. In order for your business to thrive, you will...
Papillon Mixed Media Workshop
Victoria Brand
Are you ready to step into soulful creative play? To take time to immerse yourself in paint and paper,...
Level up your mindset for success
Sandra Lindholm
It is time for you to shine! In this course you will learn 4 simple steps how you move...
Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome
Dr. Yudi Ross
Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome and Stepping into HERSTORY will help guide you through exercises that will allow you to...
Flexing the Mind Muscle
Sarah Bailey
Learn the secret to the most powerful and empowering way to be more proactive to your mental health. Understanding...
Magic Morning Course
Jo Miller
Ready to push the “reset button” and feel more disciplined, more powerful, more grounded, and more in control of your own...
The 90 Day Wellness Transformation Experience
Katie Salinger
Ready For A Life Changing Experience? It’s time to take your health and wellness to the next level, achieve your...
Stop self-destructive behaviors from destroying your business
Irene Rivkah Krasnoff
Stop self-destructive behaviors from destroying your business. Everyday move into positive energy & effortlessly grow your business. Imagine overcoming mental...
Communicate effectively with your kids!
Katharina Dello
Learn the most powerful secrets of how to talk to your kids to make them listen and engage. Take...
The Powerful Path To Ending The Battle Of The Homework
Dawn Strachan
Wouldn’t it be amazing if your child did their homework without the battle? With my youngest, it would get to...