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Want inspiration, help & support to really succeed in business? Then come & join us... mingle in the community, receive monthly challenges, workbooks & downloads + so much more.

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Member's Club

The Members' Club

The Members' Club is an online hub for woman all over the world, who are determined & passionate about turning their ideas into a reality & building successful businesses.

If you ever feel...

  • Overwhelmed, confused or frustrated, because you're not making the progress you'd like or because you don't know how to move forward.
  • You feel isolated & lonely running your business & you'd love to connect with like-minded people to help you along the way.
  • You want to learn new strategies to help you build a successful business.

...the Members' Club is for you.

Member's Club

Be inspired & empowered to succeed

A bundle of business love for you every month

Community Printables Masterminds Challenges Lots of fun!
    lots of good stuff!

We wanted to create something that will leave you feeling inspired to go for it, exited about the possibilities and totally fired up. After all, business is about turning ideas into a reality, making dreams come true and so it should fun and exciting! However, if you're building a business or about to set up a businss you probably get what I mean   when I say it can be overwhelming. There's so much to do, so much to think about, so much to figure out, it's hard to know where to begin sometimes! Do you ever think to yourself, "am I crazy?", "what the hell am I doing?" - it used to be a recurring thought of mine! I can't tell you how many times in the past I've wished I had someone with me to hold my hand through it all, showing me the way - letting me know that I'm doing the right thing, that it would all work out, and that I wasn't crazy!
This is where the Members' Club Comes in!


As a member you will not only get access to a community of like-minded women, who want to help you succeed – people who you can get feedback from & ask your questions to, but you’ll also get access to inspiring, but practical content every month to help you succeed.

We’ll bring you how-to guides, workbooks, mastermind sessions,
audios, checklists, inspiring printables & lots of fun!

Join a thriving community

If you ever feel like you wish you had someone to ask your questions to, get feedback from and get help and support from, then this is the place to do it!

This is what you'll get

FORUM Get access to the online forum where you can ask your questions, share your advice, get feedback.
Network online with like-minded woman.
PROFILE Create your profile and let people know about your business.
MASTERMIND Join us for a monthly mastermind session & get your questions answered.
CHALLENGES Get involved with monthly challenges - share your experiences along the way.
INSPIRATION Most importantly, this is a space to inspire & be inspired.

Monthly content
to help you succeed

Each month we will be sharing exclusive content with you
to help you make progress and succeed… in a really fun way!


Learn new strategies
and use the workbooks
to help you implement them!


Monthly checklist
to help you stay on track.


Inspirational printables
to give you a boost :)


Matching iphone and desktop
graphic to inspire you
throughout the month.


Guided visualisations
to help you throughout
the month.

& whatever else we think might help you!

Things we'll be sharing

How to
program your mind
for success

How to create
financial abunance

How to create a
marketing strategy
that works

How to create
a game-plan

Getting your head
around social media

like a pro

your audience

your profits

Managing your
time effectively

New content will be released monthly

Get involved with opportunities

There are a range of opportunities you can take advantage of to help you raise awareness of your business – we’ve built a big network and we want to help you to tap into it, so you can grow yours.

Opportunities to get featured
in the magazine.

Become a contributor on the website
& we’ll share your posts via our
Facebook fanpage, so over 80,000
people will see it!

There will be opportunities for you to
host a session for our network, where
you can share your expertise and raise
awareness of your business.

There’s a chance to become Member
of the Month,where we will celebrate
your success and share your story –
this is your chance to really get in the

& more opportunities we think of along the way to help you!

Why join us?

If you want to get more support to grow your business, if you’re
looking for more inspiration to help you along the way, if you want
to learn new strategies to help you to thrive and help you to make
the progress you want to make (and have lots of fun, with lots of
amazing women along the way) then come and join us!

Get unstuck, get out of your own way
& start achieving incredible things

If you’re being honest with yourself, have you been making the
progress you want to be making? Have you been reaching your
goals – getting your business out there the way you want to?
If the answer is yes, then that’s incredible.

If the answer is no, then take some time to
figure out why it’s happening

• What’s holding you back?
• What’s stopping you from reaching you goals?
• What do you need in order to reach your goals?
• Do you need more help to get clarity on what you’re doing and map
it all out and create a game plan?
• Do you need more accountability to stay on track?
• Do you need a support network you can bounce your ideas off of
and get feedback and support to help you succeed?
• Do you need to figure out how to raise more awareness of
your business?

I really believe that every single one of us
has the potential to turn our ideas
into a reality and build successful businesses
and live our lives on purpose,
doing something that means something to us,
doing something we love.

And our mission is to help you to do that – our aim is to provide
you with the inspiration, tools and community you need to help you

You only get one life to achieve all the things you want to achieve,
so we want to help you to step up and make it happen!

This is for the go-getters,
the ones who believe,
the ones who dare
and the ones who succeed…

Are you ready to join us?

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